Ann L. – Ankle Fracture

Ann L. - Ankle Fracture

After going through surgery for an ankle fracture, Ann's doctor prohibited her from performing weight-bearing activities on land.  Fortunately Ann was able to walk in our Hydroworx 300 Sport underwater treadmill, which improved her mobility and strength faster than with land-based therapy.

Ann's ankle fracture recovery

After she underwent surgery for a bicycle-accident ankle fracture, Ann's surgeon instructed to wear a boot and not put any weight on her foot, but approved her aquatic therapy with the Hydroworx 300 underwater treadmill. 

After 2 1/2 weeks of weekly sessions, and performing her aquatic program in her own pool at home, she was able to walk on land independently.  Her surgeon noticed much improvement in her mobility at her first follow up visit after starting aquatic therapy.

She soon progressed to a land-based therapy program and after 11 sessions graduated with a 90-95% overall improvement.  Ann achieved her goals ahead of schedule and was able to leave for a trip to see her family in the mainland. 


How we've helped others relieve their pain

"Amazing staff!!

I had an auto accident in Sept. of 1992 and a second in April of 1995. I had bad back pain in my lower back ever since. Sleeping and turning while sleeping caused more pain.

Then, praise God for Moon Physical Therapy! I can turn in my sleep without pain! Yay! I have less sleepless nights. My pain levels have dropped. Range of motion is much better than it’s been in years! Thanks a bunch Julie and staff. God Bless all of you now and always.

P.S. – the burning pain was gone from my first visit. Has been gone ever since! "

~ Sylvia Chang

"On August 1, 2009, I had a right hip replacement at Queen’s Hospital. After time, my hip and thigh would hurt and I was barely able to walk. Dr. Mark Lum recommended that I go to Moon for physical therapy...

Julie Moon, owner and physical therapist, and her staff worked on me and together with many exercises, I found some relief after six weeks. I went back for another six weeks and now I am able to walk with no pain.

The work that Julie and her staff did for me is immeasurable. If you have physical pains, I recommend going to Moon Physical Therapy for treatment without any reservation."

~ Raymond Lau

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