Work Place Injuries

A workplace injury is an injury that occurs due to factors of your job. Whether you experienced an injury as a result of a trauma, repetitive movements, improper lifting, or a slip and fall, we can help you return to work quickly and safely. Our Work Conditioning Program is medically monitored and individually tailored to your needs to restore your strength, endurance, flexibility and function. Most importantly, we teach how to avoid future problems or re-injury.

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Possible Treatment Options

Aquatic Therapy

The rewards of aquatic therapy are numerous from increased circulation, improved mobility and decrease pain. It accelerates recovery time due to the weightlessness and warmth of the water.  Read more ...

Land-Based Therapy

Our land-based programs are designed specifically for each patient and their diagnosis to improve your posture, body mechanics, range of motion and functional strength. Read More ...

Manual Therapy

Manual Physical Therapy is a very gentle, hands-on approach to restoring function and alleviating pain in the spine, joints, and muscular tissue. Read More ...

Wilmer Gets Relief From Back Pain!

A back injury from working with a manual pallet jack at work gave Wilmer a 6 out of 10 level of pain from his back to the abdomen.  Standing straight for 30 seconds was difficult, and he leaned to one side to manage his pain.

Wilmer returned to work on light duty just as he began physical therapy sessions with recommendations to avoid lifting over 10 lbs and no heavy pushing / pulling. We started Wilmer with an aquatic therapy program and after 10 weeks he reported a 75% improvement and was able to sit and stand for 1 hour.

He was transitioned to land-based exercises and then a work conditioning program, and by the end of his authorized sessions, he reported a 90% improvement, 0.5/10 discomfort at worst, and was able to sit / drive his work truck during a full workday. Wilmer continues to exercise to this day to maintain his strength, endurance and core stability.

Work Injury Case Study - Wilmer - Moon Physical Therapy

How we've helped others relieve pain from work place injuries

In July of 2003, I tripped on the marble staircase while at the office and suffered from severe pain on the right side of my hip and parts of my lower back. Prior to making an appointment with Julie Moon, I suffered from sleepless nights due to running pain that I was experiencing.

My internist mentioned that Julie Moon came highly recommended and that I should make an appointment to see her as soon as possible for physical therapy. I found Julie to very professional and was surprised at her strength being as petite as she is. The massages were fantastic!

I found relief almost immediately and appreciate Julie’s professionalism during our limited evaluation. Best of all, Julie very good at making me do my regular routine of exercises. She also taught me a few “tricks” to relieve my pain/tension while not in therapy (like using a tennis ball!) I would recommend Julie to anyone in need of physical therapy. She made me feel very comfortable during

– Serene Chew

I suffered a knee injury at work which left me with minimal range of motion, locking of the joint, and pain. When my doctor referred me to PT, I did some research and discovered Moon Therapy offered therapy in a heated pool. I began treatments in the water.

The buoyancy of the water allowed me to complete the exercises without sudden muscle movements if I lost balance. As my strength and stability increased, we were able to provide gradual resistance through the “currents” of the pool. The warmth of the water also allowed me to move my joints easier and perform the exercise with minimal pain. (I tried same regimen in a non-heated pool and the result were not the same).

As my range of motion, stability, and strength continued to improve, I was finally able to move to land therapy. The sessions ended with ice and electrical stimulation to deal with the swelling. I am gradually returning to my active lifestyle thanks to Julie, her helpful staff, and combination of treatments. (Swelling and pain have decreased too) Mahalo!

– Lani Kiyota

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