Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can take many forms – it can show up when you’re reaching to put dishes away or when you’re struggling to find a comfortable position to sleep. The pain is very real and can have a negative impact on your quality of life. Pain in the shoulder results from a number of factors such as poor posture, sedentary lifestyle, injury or general wear and tear. Shoulder pain can also be caused by neck pain, which travels down to the shoulder or shoulder blades. The good news is that we can help!


Possible Treatment Options

Manual Therapy

You can regain range of motion, increase healing and decrease pain by mobilizing soft tissues and manual stretching, helping to mobilize the shoulder joint and cervicothoracic spine.  Read more ...

Aquatic Therapy

A study published by the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy found that rotator cuff muscles rehabilitated faster with aquatic therapy, due to the water's buoyancy improving the effectiveness of exercise without compromising a patient's safety.  Read more ...

Land-based Therapy

This therapy includes passive range of motion to improve mobility, and a combination of exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff and surrounding muscles.  Read more ...

Percy's recovery from shoulder surgery

Percy underwent L rotator cuff surgery and received previous physical therapy consisting of land-based exercises. He continued to c/o moderate pain at the L shoulder, limited mobility and weakness, so he decided to try Moon Physical Therapy.

With a combination manual techniques and aquatic therapy, he was able to improve his range of motion and strength without increasing pain.

Percy felt he recovered faster because it was easier to build his shoulder muscles with less pain and the manual therapy was "the best" to help with the scar tissue.


How we've helped others relieve their pain

Dr. Sugiyama diagnosed a pinched nerve and referred me to a physical therapist, Julie Moon, saying he had sent other patients to her with positive results. I was a bit skeptical at first but, what the heck, the pain wasn’t going away on its own.

Julie taught me stretches and exercises to strengthen muscles, introducing new ones gradually so as not to confuse an old lady. After twelve sessions of stretches, exercises, heating pads, and massages the shoulder/neck pain is hardly noticeable and the numb, tingly fingertip sensation—gone!

I will continue to do the stretches daily and exercises as needed. Now I know what to do whenever the pain creeps up after a day of shopping. Knowledge is Power!

Thank you Julie, you are an angel. I had extreme shoulder pain when I first came here, but even after a few sessions, the pain eased up considerably and felt ten times better. I would have never thought that I would have needed help to get my shoulder to feel better, but with Julie’s help and supervision, I now believe that physical therapy work and I highly recommend it to anyone. Julie is the best!!

– Jen Yi

I met Julie after my co-worker recommended I try PT with Julie. I had gone to another PT and was not impressed. After my first session, I knew Moon PT was the place for me.

I came to PT with shoulder pain that felt like I was under a heating lamp daily. I learned stretching and exercises that helped to loosen my neck and shoulders and strengthen my back. Julie’s staff was so welcoming, observant, and knowledgeable. As soon as I started my first session, I knew Julie and her staff love what they do. They are always pleasant and they are always watching to make sure the exercises are done correctly.

I’ve learned a lot from my time at Moon PT. I’m actually sad that my sessions are over, but that just means that PT was a success. I would definitely recommend Julie to anyone who needs PT.

– Lani Kiyota

When I first came to Moon PT I had pain and stiffness in my left shoulder and arm. I was not able to reach my arm behind my back at all. I also had pain in my right hip that interfered with my daily workout.

Julie did a very thorough exam and taught me stretches and exercises to loosen me up. Her gentle, yet strong manipulation of my shoulder increased the range of motion in my arm to normal.

Julie’s staff was caring, friendly and very helpful. It’s been a wonderful experience and I am very happy with my result.

– Gail Nowicki

I feel a lot better than I did before which is the goal, correct? Julie and her helpful staff provided the various exercises and stretches (and encouragement!) in helping get my shoulder back to normal.

I enjoyed the professionalism of the way they handled my treatment and the caring and friendly feeling I received at every appointment. It was a positive experience. Julie is a dynamo! She really knows what you need and also makes you laugh and enjoy it.

– Karen Wilson

I was living with a nagging shoulder and elbow pain. I decided to try physical therapy with Moon Therapy. I was kinda skeptical at first by thought anything was better than living with the pain.

Julie and her staff helped me to understand what was happening with my muscle in my shoulder and gave me some good exercises to strengthen the muscle making every week of my physical therapy a success. I will recommend my friends and family to Moon Physical Therapy!

– Carrie Kurihara

I had extreme shoulder pain when I first came here, but even after a few sessions, the pain eased up considerably and I feel ten times better. I would have never thought I would have needed help to get my shoulder to feel better, but with Julie’s help and supervision, I now believe that physical therapy works. I highly recommend it to anyone. Julie is the best!

– Roy B.

"This is my second time already to be treated by Moon Physical Therapy, but it’s for a different problem. I was experiencing pain on my left shoulder and arm. I was having headaches too on the left side. My doctor suggested that I should see a physical therapist first before having an MRI. I suggested to her that I’ll come to Moon Physical Therapy for treatment because I know they can help me with the problem. Definitely, I’m feeling much better now. Julie and her staff helped me a lot."

– Maria Lunetle M. Sacramento

"Julie has done it again! First, she fixed my knees last year. Now she fixed the tingling and pains in my upper left arm. About seven months ago, I started getting tingling and pains in my left upper arm. Instead of it going away in time, the symptoms gradually got worse. Julie came to my rescue with treatments to loosen and stretch the muscles in my shoulder and upper back, which caused the pressure on the nerves. I learned from her the importance of good posture and how to fix poor sleep habits. She came up with the right exercises for me to continue after therapy was over. Now I don’t have the problems anymore!"

– Elaine Wong

"My heartfelt thanks and appreciation goes to Julie and her staff (Cami, Chris, Salome, and others) for further helped me gain back the mobility of my left arm after Dr. Harpstrite performed an MUA (Manipulation Under Anesthesia) on my frozen shoulder Julie, her staff, and Harley made this challenge much more bearable to overcome. Through patience and perseverance, and Julie’s constant reminder on the importance of posture improvement/modification, Julie and her staff guided me through weeks of exercises, stretching, and treatments to further gain mobility, and reduce the pain in my arm.

The facility and equipment are clean and well maintained, and the ambiance is very pleasant/friendly. Julie and her staff are professional and knowledgeable in the field of physiotherapy, and provide personable and caring one-to-one attention to their clients. I am now a “Graduate” of Moon Physical Therapy, and am able to lead a fully functioning life. Thank you Julie and gang in helping to improve my quality of living."

– Leandra Miyashiro

When I first came to Julie Moon I had 3 bulging disk, one which was herniated, a pinched nerve (c5-c6) and a partial tear in my right rotator cuff. Julie worked closely with my doctors and focused on my neck first. My neck pain was effectively treated, requiring no additional procedures.

The neck caused me nausea and numbness to my right hand. The pain radiated from my neck to shoulder and to my hand. My rotator cuff injury presented a major challenge to Julie because I walked my 1 ½ year old Border Collie. This caused me to use my left side more and Julie had to ensure I did not injure both sides.

My doctor determined that due to a bone spur, it was best to perform surgery. My surgery was successful and I received additional therapy with Julie. Julie had to build my strength so I could open jars and reach for items without dropping them.

I am happy to say I am well and I believed it’s thanks to her patience and treatment. I strongly and unequivocally recommend Julie Moon.

– Colleen Hanabusa

Following my shoulder surgery in early December 2006, I started on my physical therapy program with Julie about a week later with five sessions in December. In 2007 because of my work schedule, I was able to have therapy only once per week other than independent exercises at home.

There was steady improvement in my range of motion as well as getting my strength back in my arm and shoulder. The series of exercises which were recommended were the right ones in terms of quickly getting me to the point where I could work with little discomfort and pain. The therapy prescribed gave me the ability to basically do most things that I could before the surgery.

I appreciated the personal attention that Julie and Kristie gave to me during my therapy sessions. They observed and corrected me if I was not doing the exercises exactly right in order to maximize the benefit. Thank you Julie and Kristie. You will always have my recommendation for your personal attention to getting me healthy again and the excellent results.

– Bob Toyofuku

A couple of months ago before coming for physical therapy I was living and working in pain and discomfort. My right shoulder blade area was such that when I’m driving my car or sitting at my desk working, I was suffering. My Korean stubbornness kept me from going to the doctor. Finally I felt I had to go to the doctor (of course my colleagues at work had to constantly remind me to go). X-rays and a MRI found the source of my pain to be in the neck area, which radiated to the right shoulder blade.

The doctor prescribed physical therapy and Moon Physical Therapy is where I headed. My initial visit to Moon Physical Therapy was a very positive experience. Julie is a very caring professional. She reviewed the intake form I completed and asked me questions to better understand the pain and discomfort I was experiencing. I was on pain medications before the therapy began.

As Julie had me do the various exercise, she was patient in explaining why I was doing them. After a couple of sessions I told Julie I stopped taking the pain medications! What Julie was doing to me was working! Her hands and elbow definitely worked wonders! Every week I looked forward to coming to therapy because I knew that what was happening was making me feel better each time. I felt very comfortable coming to Moon Physical Therapy. The atmosphere is relaxing and I felt that I was really being cared for. If anyone were to ask me if I know of any good physical therapist, I won’t hesitate to say, Julie Moon of Moon Physical Therapy would be my recommendation to others.

Thanks Julie for making me feel “pain free” with your “magic touch”!

– John Park Jr.

Nine months ago, I experienced my left shoulder having limited range of movement. It felt like a frozen shoulder. I tried to work on this problem with home exercises without success.

Five months ago, I was recommended by my physician to see Julie Moon for physical therapy. Julie and her staff was extremely helpful in diagnosing my shoulder issue, prescribing exercises, and monitoring my progression. At the end of my sessions, I feel I’ve gained 90% of my full movement range.

With continued home exercises, I’m hoping for 100% recovery. I’m completely satisfied with Moon Physical Therapy. Thank you.

– Tessa Ahsing

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