Motor Vehicle Injuries

Physical therapy helps to reduce pain and stiffness, improve range of motion and aid in overall recovery if you were injured in a motor vehicle accident. Whether you are suffering from whiplash, headaches, back and neck pain, shoulder strains, or fractures we can help you get back to your life as quickly as possible.


Possible Treatment Options

Aquatic Therapy

Warm water therapy is much more effective for patients with multiple regions of injury or pain. It virtually eliminates pain during rehab, decreases swelling, increases blood circulation and aids the healing of damaged tissues.  Read more ...

Manual Therapy

Manual Physical Therapy is a very gentle, hands-on approach to restoring function and alleviating pain in the spine, joints, and muscular tissue.  Read More ...

Land-Based Therapy

Our land-based programs are designed specifically for each patient and their diagnosis to improve your posture, body mechanics, range of motion and functional strength.  Read More ...

Lori Alleviates Pain Through Manual Therapy

Since Lori's car accident, she had been plagued by chronic pain.  In various parts of her body the discomfort would be difficult to bear.

Through gentle hands-on manual therapy, helping her muscles and joints to relax and realign, we were able to alleviate pain in her neck, which reduced the numbness radiating into her extremities.

Motor Vehicle Accident Case Study - Lori - Moon Physical Therapy

Travis Recovers From Motorcycle Accident

Rethink your rehab! There are many different therapy methods, and one of the most beneficial is aquatic therapy. Hear patient, Travis, talk about his incredible success story after a severe motorcycle accident and the benefits of aquatic therapy with the Hydroworx 350.

How we've helped others relieve their MVA related pain

"On March 11, 2007, I was struck from behind while stopped at a traffic signal by a driver more attentive to dialing his cell phone that his responsibility to safely operate his vehicle. My vehicle sustained more than $5000 in damages and I found my back and neck to be in significant discomfort and pain. My physician, after examining me, referred me to Moon Physical Therapy.

Being a former athlete, I was looking forward to my therapy sessions so that I could work my way toward recovery: a return to a pain-free life. At Moon Physical Therapy, I had the opportunity to work with both Kristie and Julie. They developed and implemented a “plan” for my recovery. Going through those therapy sessions was not always easy, but getting what you want may not always be easy.

By the time I had completed my therapy sessions; nearly four months of physical therapy, I felt completely pain-free. I was provided with a plan by Kristie to continue to strengthen myself after therapy. I have followed those strengthening exercises now for the past several weeks and I feel great. I strongly feel that Moon Physical Therapy, more specifically, Kristie and Julie, have assisted me in my recovery from the vehicle crash I was involved in back on March 11, 2007. Further, I would highly recommend Moon Physical Therapy to anyone in need of assistance in their recovery from an injury due to an “accident”.

– Scott Haneberg

"Amazing staff!! I had an auto accident in Sept. of 1992 and a second in April of 1995. I had bad back pain in my lower back ever since. Sleeping and turning while sleeping caused more pain.

Then, praise God for Moon Physical Therapy! I can turn in my sleep without pain! Yay! I have less sleepless nights. My pain levels have dropped. Range of motion is much better than it’s been in years! Thanks a bunch Julie and staff. God Bless all of you now and always.

P.S. – the turning pain was gone from my first visit. Has been gone ever since!"

– Sylvia Chang

When I first came to Moon Therapy, I was in so much pain due to a car accident. Was not able to lift my arms or walk or stand straight and had a lot of neck pain and back pain. But Moon Physical Therapy helped me to get more strong and flexible. Now I am able to go on with my daily life, thanks to Moon Physical Therapy. You are all great!! Friendly staff!

– Les Malerzo

When I first came in to be treated, I wasn’t able to even look down to the floor without experiencing excruciating pain in my neck caused by a motor vehicle accident. However, thanks to Dr. Katsura who referred me to Julie Moon of Moon Physical Therapy – I was able to become “pain free” through her expertise in physical therapy.

I truly feel she freed me up to the point of me being able to carry out my regular duties of daily living once again. I would recommend anyone to Julie. She is also fun to be with – makes you laugh too! I would consider a follow-up session with her, just to keep in connection.

– Caron Ann Kawamoto

Dear Julie and staff,

I just wanted to say thank you for all the treatments I received here at Moon Therapy. When I first came in after my accident, your massage and heat therapy really reduced my pain and I was able to return to work right after a couple of weeks. My further treatments of stretching and strengthening not only reduced the pain quickly, but took it completely away.

I will continue to do what you have taught me here at Moon Therapy and always remember you. Stay the way you are and again thank you.

– Kathleen Heinandey

I got into a car accident and the car had rear ended me which resulted in whiplash. I went to physical therapy to help with the pain in my neck and upper back. With the help of Julie and her staff, I worked on doing regular stretches and having my pain decrease completely. I am 100% pain free in my neck and upper back.

Thank you Julie and her staff!

– Sarah Kawahara

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