Knee Pain

Knee pain isn’t fun. You are here because your knee, either due to a sudden injury, chronic condition or regular wear and tear is causing you pain. You are also not alone, most people experience knee pain at some point in their lives. If knee pain is keeping you from activities you once enjoyed without limits, we are here to help. Patients report amazing results with our aquatic and land-based programs!

Tips for Healthy Knees on KHON

When you are working out or even just performing normal daily activities, knee pain can be debilitating. Watch our Tips for Healthy Knees on KHON’s Wake Up 2Day - Take 2 segment


80% Improvement in 8 Sessions!

At 72 years old, Lorraine had a history of osteoarthritis at the knee joints.  Frequent falling made a walker necessary and she often complained of pain in her knee joints, limited range of motion, poor balance and numbness in her feet.

Since it was difficult for her to bear weight on land, we used an aquatic therapy program to decrease pain and reduce shock to the joints.

After 8 treatment sessions, Lorraine had an 80% improvement!  She increased flexibility and strenth, reduced numbness in her feet, regained her balance and was able to stand and walk with greater ease.  Not only that but her sleep improved and she was able to bake again!  After being discharged from one-on-one therapy, she continued with our Aquatic Maintenance Program to work towards achieving her full rehab potential.


Possible Treatment Options

Aquatic Therapy

Our patients are able to take advantage of one of the most sophisticated aquatic devices on the market today, the Hydroworx 350. Compared to land-based exercise, aquatherapy for knee rehabilitation has a number of positive benefits:

  • Increased buoyancy relieves pressure on the knee, allowing it to become stronger without the risks associated with high-impact therapy.
  • Warm water decreases pain and improves circulation and range of motion.
  • Water resistance and direction can be easily controlled, allowing our therapists to create a level of resistance appropriate to the rehab needs of the patient.
  • It is a safe environment in which patients can exercise with a lower risk of re-injury.

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Land-based Therapy

Because of the healing properties of the water, our patients are able to transition quickly to our land-based program, where we will focus on continuing to reduce pain, improve strength and correct muscle imbalances and body mechanics to get you back to the activities you love doing. Read More ...

How we've helped others relieve their knee pain

The healing process began when I first met Julie Moon. I felt “hope” in her deep concern for my knee problem. My favorite pastime is walking, and after 20 sessions I can say it is with comfort to know, through consistent exercise, instructed at Moon Physical Therapy, I can resume my favorite pastime – walking.

I have renewed my commitment to continue with my exercise for better health and for enjoyment of life. My heartfelt appreciation goes to Julie and her cheerful staff.

– Jean Gould

I had a knee surgery on my left knee 3 months ago and came to see Julie with intolerable pain. The pain was indescribable on a scale of 10, my pain was about a 20. I came in with a walker, and then changed to a cane as I was getter better and my knees were getting stronger with more movement and mobility.

I am proud to say I just recently threw away my cane and am able to walk with no assistance. The staff at Moon Physical Therapy really helped me a lot and I can’t believe my pain on my knee is much more manageable and I am able to exercise and walk and I can really appreciate my legs.

Without the physical therapy from Julie, I don’t know what would have happened to me. Thank you Julie!

– Ae Ja Chung

It sounds strange but coming to therapy at Moon PT has been fun! Oddly enough, once I started therapy each day, whatever pain I had seemed to take a backseat to the focus on the therapy itself and the camaraderie with Julie and her therapy assistants.

I came into therapy skeptical that it would work. I was pleasantly surprised that it did work and how fast it worked. I had back to back knee surgeries (in June and July) and initially I was in a lot of pain. I started with water therapy and transitioned to land therapy and today I can say that I am stronger and pain free. Thank you to Julie and her staff for making my therapy a truly enjoyable and successful experience.

– Catrina Whitehead

Julie is great! She got me back to functioning again! A few years after my sessions with her, I started getting bad pains in my knees and my mobility suffered from over use of walking and lifting boxes and deterioration of the joints. I was afraid this was the beginning of a lifetime of major pain.

Julie showed me the right exercises to do to strengthen my knee muscles, which helped to keep my knee cap in place and not wear on the sore bones. With the exercise and ultrasound treatments, I feel I got a new lease on life! Thanks Julie!

– Elaine Wong

A few months ago, I experienced pain in my right knee. At first I thought it was simply another ache or pain that seemed to come more frequently as I got older. The pain did not, however, go away and impacted my ability to walk and function at my job for several days. I went to my doctor and was referred for physical therapy.

I chose Julie Moon as my physical therapist. My mom had been seeing her for therapy on her back and was very satisfied with the results. I saw Julie for a total of ten therapy sessions. The overall experience was very positive. Julie is a professional in her field and very capable physical therapist. She is extremely knowledgeable and sensitive to patient needs.

Therapy sessions included ultrasound, as well as, various types of stretches and exercises. All were effective in helping to strengthen my knee. Besides the high quality of therapy, Julie was also very accommodating with the scheduling of my sessions. This was a key factor since my work schedule was very busy.

I limped into Julie’s office with pain in my right knee and was able to walk out with no pain just ten sessions later. I continue to strengthen my knee at home by utilizing the exercises that Julie taught me. I have not had any knee pain since and am appreciative of her assistance. I would recommend Julie Moon to anyone in need of quality, friendly and accommodating physical therapy services.

– Christopher Chang

I suffered a knee injury at work which left me with minimal range of motion, locking of the joint, and pain. When my doctor referred me to PT, I did some research and discovered Moon Therapy offered therapy in a heated pool.

I began treatments in the water. The buoyancy of the water allowed me to complete the exercises without sudden muscle movements if I lost balance. As my strength and stability increased, we were able to provide gradual resistance through the “currents” of the pool. The warmth of the water also allowed me to move my joints easier and perform the exercise with minimal pain. (I tried same regimen in a non-heated pool and the result were not the same).

As my range of motion, stability, and strength continued to improve, I was finally able to move to land therapy. The sessions ended with ice and electrical stimulation to deal with the swelling. I am gradually returning to my active lifestyle thanks to Julie, her helpful staff, and combination of treatments. (Swelling and pain have decreased too) Mahalo!

– Lani Kiyota

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