Hip Pain

Hips are among the most important joints of your body. They keep you mobile and help you perform daily activities with ease. So whether you are suffering from arthritis, recovering from surgery or an injury, it is good to know what treatment options are available.


The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy for Hip Pain

Recovery from hip injuries or a major surgery, such as a hip replacement, can be a long process. Patients will often get discouraged by the slow speed at which their energy levels and range of motion return to normal. One of the major benefits of using aquatic therapy for hip rehabilitation is that patients seem to enjoy it more. And when patients enjoy their rehab it leads to better results and faster recovery.

Aside from the impact on a patient’s mood, there is a rising amount of proven clinical evidence that points to the benefits of aquatic therapy for hip pain.

  • Exercising in water reduces the risks of slips and falls. It allows our patients to push themselves further by doing stretches and exercises they would be reluctant to do on land for fear of injury.
  • Water promotes circulation, which decreases inflammation and pain.
    • Reduces stress on healing joints. Underwater, the body is up to 80% weightless – this means less pressure and increased mobility.
  • Because the benefits in water include less pain and greater flexibility, it is easier to build up strength and range of motion.
  • In addition to promoting a faster recovery, aquatics benefit your overall health increasing strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular function.

Land-Based Therapy

Improve weight-bearing tolerance with postural correction, strengthening and stretching exercises, as well as stability and functional activities focusing on the spine, pelvic girdle and lower extremity.

I was experiencing extreme pain in my right hip and lower back that was preventing me from doing even basic movements at home much less going out. Other treatments failed to correct the problem. Once I began treatment at Moon Physical Therapy, I experienced an improvement in mobility and reduced pain almost immediately. I am now pain free and I have unrestricted mobility - what a relief! I am grateful for the successful treatment provided by Julie Moon and her professional staff. Mahalo! - Jerry O.

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