Foot Pain

Feet are among the most important parts of your body. They keep you mobile and help you perform daily activities with ease. So whether you are suffering from arthritis, recovering from surgery or an injury, it is good to know what treatment options are available.


Possible Treatment Options

Aquatic Therapy

Water has been nature’s healer for thousands of years. Warm water offers a weightless environment while soothing the joints, relaxing tense muscles, and reducing inflammation. Aquatic therapy provides many benefits for those with foot pain.

  • Water’s buoyancy creates a natural unweighting, allowing for freedom of movement without pain.
  • Hydrostatic pressure from water reduces swelling, improves blood circulation and enhances recovery.
  • Water provides a natural, constant resistance that can help to increase strength without any restrictions.
  • Warm water creates a comfortable environment conducive to healing, muscle relaxation, and increased range of motion.
  • Sport-specific drills such as backpedal, side shuffle, power skips, single and double leg hop, ski jumps, turn and run can all be performed without restrictions in water. Our patients can begin multi-planar drills in the water before they are cleared for land-based activity.
  • Plyometric exercises like squat jumps, countermovement jumps, and tuck jumps can all be performed in the water, a safe and non-restrictive environment. Read more ...

Land-Based Therapy

Improve weight-bearing tolerance with postural correction, strengthening, and stretching exercises to improve muscle imbalances, as well as stability and functional activities focusing on the lower extremity and alignment of the foot, ankle, and knee. Read more ...

Manual Therapy

Regain or increase range of motion, improve pain and inflammation, induce relaxation, and promote tissue repair with hands-on techniques of mobilization/manipulation of the foot and ankle joints, as well as surrounding soft tissues. Read more ...

Before coming to Moon Physical Therapy, my feet would always hurt. I used to hate walking for long periods of time and not being able to participate in P.E. I was diagnosed with severe flat feet and Achilles tendonitis. Dr. Tsuchiya referred me to Moon PT for 8 sessions in the pool. I'm really glad I came here! - Alyssa G.

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