Elbow Pain

Elbows are among the most important joints of your body. They keep you mobile and help you perform daily activities with ease. So whether you are suffering from arthritis, recovering from surgery or an injury, it is good to know what treatment options are available.


Possible Treatment Options

Manual Therapy

Regain or increase range of motion, improve pain and inflammation, induce relaxation, and promote tissue repair with hands-on techniques of mobilization/manipulation of the elbow / upper extremity joints, as well as surrounding soft tissues. Read more ...

Aquatic Therapy

For pain along the upper body, the soothing qualities of the water work to heal while the patient performs moderate exercise. Ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) injuries are becoming increasingly common, especially in throwing and overhead athletes. Currently, 65 – 75% of baseball players encounter injury. These injuries often require surgery and can lead to lengthy recovery times. Aquatic therapy can improve patient outcomes by providing a protected environment with uniform resistance while increasing function, stabilization, conditioning and strength. Read more ...

Land-based Therapy

This therapy includes postural correction and body mechanic awareness training, range of motion, stretching and strengthening, as well as modalities of cold laser therapy, ultrasound or electrical stimulation to promote healing and reduce pain. Read more ...

My elbow flexibility, range of motion and strength have improved significantly as a result of physical therapy. I felt an immediate difference for the better following my first Ultrasound/Massage treatment. They have made a big difference in reducing elbow pain and helping with range of motion for everyday activities. The staff here are very knowledgeable and accommodating. I appreciate that.  I am sorry to leave here but please with the results I have gotten. - Margie D.

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