Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints in today’s world and can be debilitating when you want to have a normal life. Whether it’s an on-and-off achiness or a lingering discomfort, pain in your back can cause a great deal of uncertainty and worry. We are here for you and have some highly effective strategies to help you get back to the activities you enjoy.


Possible Treatment Options

Land-based Therapy

Spinal stabilization exercises, pain management techniques, office ergonomic analysis and solutions, and manual therapy to the spine and surrounding muscles.  Learn more ...

Mechanical Lumbar Traction

Intermittent traction to the lumbar spine helps to centralize leg pain and numbness, as well as reduce overall low back pain. Learn more ...

Aquatic Therapy

The buoyancy of the water provides a natural form of traction and allows patients to perform strengthening and spinal stabilization exercises without increased pain. Learn more ...

Therapy Brings Back Pain Relief to Rudy

When Rudy woke up one morning with pain in his right lower back, he had no idea that within days pain would be radiating down his right leg and would have tingling in his first toe. With limited movement bending forward, sitting, driving and lifting/carrying objects, his physician referred him to Moon Physical Therapy.

Our thorough evaluation showed a herniated disc, and we started him on a land-based therapy program with exercises and techniques he could perform at home and work.  We also used lumbar traction to reduce back pain and his right leg symptoms.

After 4 treatment sessions, Rudy reduced his pain medication, could sit for 30 minutes (previously 10-15 mins) and found it much easier to bend forward to put on his socks.  At the end of his therapy visits, he was able to get back to work and, most important, get back to his favorite hobby: dirt bike riding.

As Rudy says: "Story is simple...I was broken, I came in, and you fixed me. You and your staff are awesome and made the healing and learning enjoyable".

Back Pain - Rudy - Moon Physical Therapy

How we've helped others relieve their back pain

"My first visit with Julie, I had extreme back pain. I was really excited when Julie told me that my pain would go away or decrease with therapy. By my 6th visit, my pain wasn’t so extreme. Julie taught me how to stretch, also adding different exercises that helped my back. Now it’s my 10th visit and my pain is gone. I’m much happier!!! It was a pleasure working with Julie."

– Carisse Asato

"I was glad that my doctor referred me to  Inc. for upper back pain. On the first day of therapy, Julie carefully evaluated my injury and pinpointed the problems. Then she planned a personalized exercise program for me.

Over a course of sessions, she taught me different exercises to ease the pain. She explained the purpose of each exercise so that I would understand and do the movements correctly. The exercise she taught me was simple and easy to follow, but very effective.

After seeing her several times and doing my simple exercises for a few minutes every day, I could feel the difference on my upper back. I continued to see her until I completed my program and until my pain was gone."

– J. Agena

"I came to Moon Physical Therapy to strengthen my back. It helped me a lot and my back seems to get stronger as I came in for my therapy. I work as a nurse’s aide and coming here improved my performance at work and my back doesn’t bother me that much. I would like to thank Julie for all their help."

– Michael Agbayani

"I have experienced a dramatic improvement in the back pain I was having for the last year. I am hopeful that by continuing to do the stretching and strengthening exercises that I have learned here that I will continue to improve and hopefully never experience back pain again.

I find myself motivated to do the exercises because I have seen results quickly and am looking forward to seeing how far I can go in strengthening my core muscles, which will help me in all my daily activities, including my job activities."

– Jane Oda

"I would like to thank Julie and her staff for all their help. On a recommendation from my doctor, I really didn’t know what to expect. To my surprise, I was able to overcome my back pain my balancing my everyday activities with the exercise and body mechanic basics that I learned. I highly recommend Moon PT, LLC for anyone who is experiencing any sort of discomfort."

– Brian Iwanaga

I came into therapy after experiencing periodic lower back pain for several months, as well as having a slouch, which was slowly getting worse as time went by. After discussing the problem with the therapist, she suggested several stretches and exercises with the goal of strengthening my lower back while reducing my pain and slouch.

After a few sessions, I noticed the pain was not as bad as it was initially and that my posture was slowly improving. I feel that coming to therapy has help my problems, and that the stretches and exercises I learned will only further improve my condition as time goes on.

– Grant K. Higa

The sharp pain on my lower back has subsided after following Julie’s instructions. I have learned stretch exercises to strengthen muscles and good posture really relieves my pain.

Now I can do my daily activities with less stress. Will try hard to keep up with the routine exercise program Julie has specially created for me. She kindly taught me how to exercise correctly and also gave me picture diagrams which I can study from.

Thank you very much for being such a patient and consider therapist to a 83 year old going on 84 in December (Christmas Day) ha! Also you massage on my back during each workout was my favorite treatment. Thanks once again.

– Elizabeth K. Suzuki

This is the 1st time that I have been to PT for my lower back pain. I never thought that it would get better, however after only 2-3 sessions my pain has lessened a lot. I am able to sleep throughout the night much more comfortably.

The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The PT area is very clean and well organized with their different equipment. The staff works with you at your own pace and teaches you routines to strengthen muscles. I’ll miss coming but would recommend to anyone. Thank you, Julie.

– Patricia R. Souza

When I first saw Julie back in 2007, my symptoms were lower back pain and numbness in the upper right thigh. Water therapy and traction therapy helped me to relieve my symptoms.

Due to re-injury, I returned to therapy and Julie recommended land exercises. I have noticed that with the various stretching exercises and traction I feel a lot better and stronger.

I have increased my own exercises by taking the stairs every now and then and stretching more often when needed for numbness relief. Although my symptoms are still present, land therapy has helped me to build and strengthen my neutral spine.

– Caroline Cabral

I injured my lower back and was sent to Moon Physical Therapy. The treatment that I received from Julie and her staff was great. They started me off with stretching, exercises, and heat treatment.

As my pain decreased, they added more and more exercises. After a few months with no pain, Julie had me do work hardening and strength training. It was hard work but it was well worth it. The benefits I got were better muscle tone, my back feels stronger and I also lost 10 pounds.

– Reynald Pascua

First of all, I would like to say how happy I am able to write this “success story” considering my long history of lower back problems (lower back spasms) that I have suffered through for aprrox. 26 years. On May 12, 2010, through the referral of my doctor (Dr. Richard Ridao), I walked into Moon Physical Therapy for my evaluation and was in extreme pain. I had difficulty standing straight, sitting, bending and had extreme difficulty moving from a laying position to a standing position. My movements were very slow and sensitive to a “spasm” attack.

After my first several sessions the pain reduced dramatically. The water therapy coupled with low intensity stretching and heat/massage really accelerated my recovery. My entire therapy sessions were done “pain free”. What I found most beneficial throughout my sessions was the constant reinforcement in every activity I did by every therapist that worked with me, I feel, was critical in my speedy recovery. After 6 weeks (12 sessions) of both water and land therapy, my pain is totally gone. A side benefit as a result of therapy was also 11 lbs. of weight loss.

Moon Physical Therapy not only helped guide me to become pain free, they also help to motivate me to exercise and become healthier as a result of my therapy routine. The staff at Moon Physical Therapy was very professional and extremely nice. They are very knowledgeable and consistent in their instruction and reinforcement of important points to a speedy recovery. They were always sensitive of the level of pain I may have been experiencing. They always provided an “open door” to push myself to do more with each exercise while always concerned that I was not experiencing pain.

I found the staff to be patient but very encouraging during each session. Toward the last several sessions they already began coaching me on ways to continue the sessions at home. They provided exercises for me to do at home and ensured that I did them properly, emphasizing the main coaching points. They also provided me with hard copies, with pictures, of the routines for both land and water. I am grateful to Julie and her staff at Moon Physical Therapy and will strongly recommend them to anyone needing therapy.

– Russell A Valente

It’s hard to explain how quick I was able to recover from a lower back injury. However, I do know it wouldn’t have been possible without Julie’s help. Starting slow with the massage therapy to pinpoint the areas in my back helped a great deal.

Slowly realizing how weak my stomach muscles were, we started to work on strengthen my core. Bottom line, after 8 sessions I was able to compete in and finish the Great Aloha Run in under than 2 hours. As my back pain went way, I started to notice an increase of my energy and metabolism. This was a start in a new healthy lifestyle for me.

– Noa S. Lidstone

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