Ankle Pain

Ankles are among the most important joints of your body. They keep you mobile and help you perform daily activities with ease. So whether you are suffering from arthritis, recovering from surgery or an injury, it is good to know what treatment options are available.


Possible Treatment Options

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy in our Hydroworx 350 or Endless Pool offers early advantages that land does not:

  • Our patients are able to do exercises in the water that they are not able to do on land because of pain or functional limitations.
  • The non-weight bearing environment eases pressure on joints to move freely and expedite the functional processes of rehab.
  • We are able to intensify the work performed without pushing our patients beyond their limits, thereby reducing the risk of re-injury.
  • Unlike anti-gravity treadmills or traditional land running, the hydro-static pressure of water naturally decreases inflammation and increases circulation, never leaving muscle soreness.
  • We are able to easily transition our patients from therapy to functional/multi-directional and athletic training while in the water. Read more ...

Manual Therapy

Regain or increase range of motion, improve pain and inflammation, induce relaxation, and promote tissue repair with hands-on techniques of mobilization/manipulation of the foot and ankle joints, as well as surrounding soft tissues.  Read more ...

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