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Meet the Team!


Meet our Team

At Moon Physical Therapy, we believe that providing one-on-one patient care is extremely important for the recovery of all patients. Our mission is to work together to deliver excellence in physical therapy & patient education for you and your entire family. We dedicate ourselves to impacting the lives of others and providing a compassionate, personalized and exceptional patient experience in a healing and relaxing environment while featuring the latest technologies in land and aquatic treatments.

Our team of skilled professionals provides excellent one-on-one care to our patients. Evening, as well as weekend appointments are available. Our staff is fluent in Korean, Japanese, Ilocano, and Tagalog, which enables us to help serve our patients more efficiently and effectively.

The staff of Moon Physical Therapy is committed to providing the highest standard of rehabilitative services. In an age of escalating medical costs, overcrowded clinics, and declining personal service, we strive to provide a personal, genuine touch along with World-Class service and amenities while treating every patient like your part of our ohana.

Mililani Mauka Clinic

Kaena Maeda
Administrative Assistant

Ka’ena was born and raised in North Shore, Oahu. She graduated from Mililani High School (Go Trojans!) and University of Hawaii at Mānoa with a B.S. degree in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Services (KRS). She plans to further her education by pursuing a doctorate degree in physical therapy. She travels often to Japan and Alaska to visit family and friends and the key to winning her heart is anything related to Disney, dogs, and potatoes! In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, trying out new places to eat, walking her dog on the beach and anything outdoors!

Rose Abarcar
Administrative Assistant

Rose was raised on the island of Oahu and attended Leilehua High School for her secondary education. She is a graduate of the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa with her B.A. in Public Health. Her future goals include pursuing a higher education within the medical field and to travel around the world with her friends. During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, finding new sushi restaurants to try, learning how to cook a variety of Asian dishes, and watching K-Dramas.

TJ Balderas
Administrative Assistant

TJ Balderas was born and raised in Mililani. After graduating from Kamehameha High Schools Kapalama, he decided to pursue his education at the University of Oregon, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Physiology. Sco Ducks! In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family & friends, going to the beach, and working out at 24 Hour Fitness. His favorite quote to live by is “Success is when opportunity meets preparation”.

Rhogelyn Espino
PT, DPT Physical Therapist

Rhogelyn Espino is from Oahu and was raised in Kapolei where she graduated from Kapolei High School. She then graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelors of Science degree in Neuroscience and later attended Chapman University (located in Southern California) where she earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Rhogelyn has experience working with all types of patients from pediatrics to geriatrics who have orthopedic, neurologic, and cardiopulmonary conditions. She enjoys helping people adopt healthier lifestyles in order for them to improve their functional mobility and achieve their goals. One of Rhogelyn’s professional goals in the next few years will be to obtain the Orthopedic Specialist Certification. In her free time she enjoys eating food, listening to music, watching movies, traveling, hiking, hip-hop dancing, and spending time with friends and family. She also enjoys watching college football and basketball and cheering for the Michigan Wolverines. Go Blue!

Cathy Weingartner
PTA Physical Therapist Assistant

Cathy attended Kapiolani Community College where she acquired her Physical Therapist Assistant license. Cathy has her passion for improving the quality of life for her patients with therapeutic exercise and manual therapy. She strives to provide a positive and energetic therapeutic experience for her patients with her team. Outside of work she enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Katie Wills
PT, DPT Physical Therapist

Katie has a passion for being active, dogs, sports, the beach, and of course physical therapy. Playing competitive soccer growing up, Katie saw first hand the benefits of physical therapy through various injuries, and hopes to be a resource for patients looking to progress their rehab and return to activities they love. Though she has a strong sports background, Katie has worked with a wide variety of patients ranging from post stroke, vertigo, pediatrics, and general orthopedics. Katie hopes to obtain her orthopedic or sports specialty certification in the future, as well as become a canine rehab physical therapist one day. Katie earned both her Bachelors and Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Florida (Go Gators). You can often find her at local alumni get togethers around the island, if she’s not at the beach with her dog, Winifred.

Honolulu Clinic

Charlie Arellano
Office Manager

Born and raised in Waimanalo, Hawaii, Charlie is the epitome of a local boy: a content fisherman and beachgoer. Following his passion for fitness and wellness, Charlie attended Portland State University to achieve an exercise science degree while simultaneously working as a personal trainer. He believes it is important for everyone to live their healthy selves. The way to Charlie’s heart is through food. He is in the search for the best local eateries on the island. When he is not eating, Charlie enjoys working out. His ultimate fitness goal is to be under 15% body fat. If you don’t see him eating or working out, best believe you’ll find him at a beach fishing or sitting in front of a T.V. cheering “GO PACK GO”.

Eugene Kim
Administrative Assistant

Hailing all the way from the island of Oahu, Eugene was raised in Makiki and thus, went to Roosevelt High School, home of the Rough Riders. Chee-hoo. He decided to stay on island and attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science while also working as a manager at the college gym where he immersed himself in a sports and health environment. After the workday, you can find him pumping iron at the local gym where he’s striving to join the 1000lb club. If you see him out during the weekend he is probably playing soccer, coaching baseball, or doing something active. When he’s not out and about, he also really enjoys playing video games with his friends on Xbox.

Kelcie Miyakawa
Administrative Assistant

Kelcie Miyakawa was born and raised in Honolulu on the island of Oahu. After graduating high school she discovered her interest in Physical Therapy. She then graduated from Pacific University where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in motor behavior. In the future Kelcie hopes to earn a doctorate in physical therapy. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her friends, going to the beach and finding new places to eat.

Carl Ko
PTA Physical Therapist Assistant

Carl Ko was born and raised in Salt Lake and graduated from Moanalua High School. He went on to complete his professional training at Kapiolani Community College where he earned his associates as a physical therapist assistant. In his free time, you can catch him in the gym or at the courts playing a game of basketball. Carl is a big fan of the Lakers and the Raiders. Besides being a huge sports fan, Carl enjoys relaxing at the beach. My words to live by: Be yourself, believe in yourself, and do your best!

Tiffany Patricio-Huddy
PTA Physical Therapist Assistant

Tiffany was born and raised on Kaua’i and moved to Oahu to further her education in physical therapy. She graduated from Kapi’olani Community College with her Associates degree in Health Science later acquiring her Physical Therapist Assistant license. Tiffany works well with her team to provide quality care to her patients. She enjoys working one on one with each individual to help them strive toward achieving their functional goals. Outside of the clinic, Tiffany enjoys outdoor activities including hiking, going to the beach, and spending time with both her cat and dog.

Caroline Salam
PT, DPT Physical Therapist

Caroline was born and raised deep in the heart of Texas, just outside of Austin. She received her Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology from Texas Woman's University, followed by her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the University of Florida. She has experience treating various orthopedic and neurological patient populations, and enjoys working with patients on their balance, functional mobility, and management of chronic pain. Caroline is passionate about helping her patients return to activities they love doing, and honors patients' personal and physical goals, no matter how big or small. Caroline is a RYT 200 certified yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance, and incorporates a holistic approach with her treatments, promoting health and wellness beyond a patients' graduation from physical therapy. Outside of the clinic, Caroline can be found hiking, beaching, and baking healthy sweet treats.

Garrett Yamamoto
Clinical Director / PT, DPT

Garrett Yamamoto was born and raised in Kailua, Oahu. He graduated from Kailua High School and went on to graduate from Pacific University in Oregon with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. He went on to attain his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree at the University of North Dakota. Garrett has experience working with a wide array of patients with various diagnoses such as stroke, brain injury, cardiac, amputation, and other orthopedic/neurological injuries. He feels that it is a privilege to be a part of each individual's recovery aiming to maximize their functional independence. In his spare time, Garrett enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons. He also enjoys fishing, golfing, and working out at the gym.

Cami Yap
Operations Manager

Cami was born and raised in Mililani and went on to receive her bachelor degree in exercise sports science at Oregon State University. She started off as a volunteer at Moon Physical Therapy and ultimately chose to continue to grow with the company after college graduation. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs as well as her close friends and family. She loves traveling as much as she can and tries her best to take a Disney trip once a year. Her favorite thing about working at Moon Physical Therapy are the relationships she’s made with her patients and colleagues.

Moon Physical Therapy - Team

At Moon Physical Therapy, we believe that providing one-on-one patient care is extremely important for the recovery of all patients. Our mission is to promote optimum functional independence by providing the highest quality physical therapy to individuals with physical limitations.

Our team of skilled professionals provides excellent one-on-one care to your patients. Evening, as well as weekend appointments are available. We offer staff that is fluent in Korean, which enables us to help serve our patients more efficiently and effectively.

The staff of Moon Physical Therapy is committed to providing the highest standard of rehabilitative services. In an age of escalating medical costs, overcrowded clinics, and declining personal services, we strive to provide a personal, genuine touch along with the high quality of service cost-conscious quality healthcare while treating every patient with respect and dignity.

Photo: Team Members from Left to Right: Harley, Julie Moon, Cami, Rocky, Salome, Keala with 99 year old client, George

How we've helped others relieve their pain

Manual Therapy Case Study - Shoulder - Moon Physical Therapy"Julie has done it again!  First, she fixed my knees last year.  Now she fixed the tingling and pains in my upper left arm. About seven months ago, I started getting tingling and pains in my left upper arm. Instead of it going away in time, the symptoms gradually got worse. 

Julie came to my rescue with treatments to loosen and stretch the muscles in my shoulder and upper back, which caused the pressure on the nerves. I learned from her the importance of good posture and how to fix poor sleep habits. She came up with the right exercises for me to continue after therapy was over. 

Now I don’t have the problems anymore!"

~ Elaine Wong

Sylvia Chang - Moon Physical Therapy"Amazing staff!!  

I had an auto accident in Sept. of 1992 and a second in April of 1995.  I had bad back pain in my lower back ever since.  Sleeping and turning while sleeping caused more pain. 

Then, praise God for Moon Physical Therapy!  I can turn in my sleep without pain! Yay!  I have less sleepless nights.  My pain levels have dropped.  Range of motion is much better than it’s been in years!  Thanks a bunch Julie and staff.  God Bless all of you now and always.

P.S. – the burning pain was gone from my first visit.  Has been gone ever since! "

~ Sylvia Chang

"On August 1, 2009, I had a right hip replacement at Queen’s Hospital.  After time, my hip and thigh would hurt and I was barely able to walk.  Dr. Mark Lum recommended that I go to Moon for physical therapy...

Julie Moon, owner and physical therapist, and her staff worked on me and together with many exercises, I found some relief after six weeks. I went back for another six weeks and now I am able to walk with no pain.

The work that Julie and her staff did for me is immeasurable.  If you have physical pains, I recommend going to Moon Physical Therapy for treatment without any reservation."

~ Raymond Lau

Before attending therapy, the pain and weight of my arms seemed unbearable. My doctor advised me to receive treatment for my weak arms. However, even after the procedure, my arms seem to weigh more, hurt more, and bruise more.

And so, I went to therapy conducted by Dr. Julie Moon and Dr. Kristie Tanaka. The two were excellent. They worked with great precision and dedication. Their help resulted in the steady return of the use and flexibility of my arms. My gratitude is beyond words. Thank you.

– Cindy Wuto

Growing up I always thought that I was clumsy since I kept falling. My ankles would twist for no apparent reason and I would fall onto my knees. As I grew older I tore my cartilage in my knee while playing tennis. Once again my ankle twisted while I was standing waiting for the ball.

I have had knee pain for such a long time that I was resigned to taking pain killers for the first time in my life. It wasn’t until I had sessions with Julie that I realized I don’t have to just live with the pain.

There are ways to relieve pain without medication. I learned that my muscles were so tense and I need to learn stretches to help the muscle flexibility. Julie then taught me exercise moves to strengthen my muscles where they were the weakest. Julie has made therapy fun and has increased my knowledge in caring for myself.

– Mary Ann Araki

I had come here with some negative thoughts wondering if I could be helped with therapy. For many years my lower back has caused me great pain; sleepless nights and now arthritis of the spine. To my surprise, therapy does work!!

It’s been a wonderful experience. It starts with a comfortable surrounding and the most pleasant, happy staff with a lot of care and empathy. Julie has done wonders for me. She gives you full and personal attention while going through the many exercises.

I now feel great—sleep better, getting off the bed, chair and car with ease. I’m able to do many things like chores and gardening and to stand tall. I have actually enjoyed myself here while getting gbetter with just twelve sessions.

– Edna H. Ito

Prior to seeing Julie, I went to a chiropractor. He cracked my spine and actually made the situation and pain worse. What surprised me was that she knew exactly what to do, and after the sessions, I instantly felt better.

I also didn’t realize there were quite different approaches to treatment of these injuries for chiropractor vs. therapists. The chiropractor seemed much less knowledgeable in regards to not only the injury, but to the overall health of my body. I highly recommend Julie she was the best form of treatment I’ve received yet.

– Thomas M

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis Feb. 2008. One of my symptoms was weakness in my legs. I was sent to a different therapist from the doctor but even after 1 month there was no change and I still couldn’t walk.

I then decided to come to Moon Physical Therapy after learning about the endless pool. When I came, Julie explained what my treatment would be like and taught me what I needed to know to fix myself.

Working out in the pool helped my balance and my legs that now I am able to walk without a cane or walker. I am very grateful to Julie because without her help I still wouldn’t be able to walk

– Sun

 Let’s Get You Back To What You Love!

We have a team of experts who are passionate and committed to helping you achieve your dreams of getting you back to what you love doing. Join our facility featuring Hawaii’s ONLY unique and private hydrotherapy system where you will experience world-class therapy leading to faster recovery, better pain management and greater satisfaction.