Ultrasound is high frequency sound waves that produce a form of deep tissue heating. It is used to treat many different musculoskeletal conditions by decreasing inflammation, pain and muscle spasms, promoting circulation and relaxing tight muscles / soft tissue.


How Ultrasound Therapy Can Help

Common conditions treated with Ultrasound include Bursitis, Tendonitis, Muscle strains and tears, Frozen shoulder, Sprains and ligament injuries, Joint contracture or tightness.

Ultrasound is often used in conjunction with manual therapy due to the deep heating and pain relieving effects. 

Ultrasound helps Shirley with wrist and thumb pain

Shirley was recommended by her internist for constant pain in her left wrist and outer thumb.

She received ultrasound to the left forearm and wrist in order to reduce pain and inflammation, as well as various land-based exercises to help regain mobility and strength.

By the end of her visits, she was able to return to her normal activities, opening doors, cooking and carrying groceries without pain or difficulty. 


How ultrasound therapy helped others relieve their pain

My elbow flexibility, range of motion and strength has improved significantly as a result of physical therapy. I am diligently doing my home exercise program and I think that has help a lot.

I felt an immediate difference for the better following first ultrasound/massage treatment. They have made a big difference in reducing elbow pain and helping with range of motion for everyday activities. I still have some pain and decreased strength using my left arm for some functional activities, but I am very pleased with my progress.

The staff here is very knowledgeable and accommodating. I appreciate that. I am sorry to leave here but pleased with the results I have gotten.

– Margie Davis

I came to Moon PT as a result of my inability to take long walks without severe foot pain. The podiatrist ordered X-rays but was unable to see any cause for my pain.

Ms. Tanaka treated me with foot massage, stretching exercises, and ultrasound. After 10 visits, the pain is 99% gone and I am able to resume my long walks again.

– O. Stitt

I started physical therapy after nearly 3 months of consistent, low-level foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis. My podiatrist had prescribed stretching exercises, but until I began seeing Julie I was unmotivated to do the work on my own. I was hoping the pain would go away on its own.

Julie showed me new stretches and helped me break down the routine so it felt less tedious. Through ultrasound and massage she also showed me how good it felt when the pain was relieved, which further motivated me to continue the stretching exercises at home.

Taping my foot was the final answer and helped to eliminate remaining pain and also indicated what the final result could (should) be with prolonged commitment to the stretching. I will have to continue these exercises to help strengthen my foot and to prevent a relapse in the future.

Best of all, Julie allowed me to continue running as long as the pain did not increase so that I was able to continue exercises while still dealing with pain management. Thank you!

– Rachel Farkas

My internist recommended that I have physical therapy due to constant pain in my left wrist and outer left thumb area. She steered me to Julie for evaluation and treatment.

I was immediately impressed with Julie’s knowledge, treatment techniques, evaluation, and friendly attitude. She used ultrasound heat treatment, paraffin wax treatment, and various exercises to help me regain strength, endurance, and range of motion during my 10 sessions.

By the end of the 10th session, I felt less pain in my left wrist area and outer left thumb area. The treatments and techniques that Julie used helped me to regain confidence that I could use my left wrist and hand more normally again soon.

– Shirley Chock

A few months ago, I experienced pain in my right knee. At first I thought it was simply another ache or pain that seemed to come more frequently as I got older. The pain did not, however, go away and impacted my ability to walk and function at my job for several days. I went to my doctor and was referred for physical therapy.

I chose Julie Moon as my physical therapist. My mom had been seeing her for therapy on her back and was very satisfied with the results. I saw Julie for a total of ten therapy sessions. The overall experience was very positive. Julie is a professional in her field and very capable physical therapist. She is extremely knowledgeable and sensitive to patient needs.

Therapy sessions included ultrasound, as well as, various types of stretches and exercises. All were effective in helping to strengthen my knee. Besides the high quality of therapy, Julie was also very accommodating with the scheduling of my sessions. This was a key factor since my work schedule was very busy.

I limped into Julie’s office with pain in my right knee and was able to walk out with no pain just ten sessions later. I continue to strengthen my knee at home by utilizing the exercises that Julie taught me. I have not had any knee pain since and am appreciative of her assistance. I would recommend Julie Moon to anyone in need of quality, friendly and accommodating physical therapy services.

– Christopher Chang

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