Pulmonary Rehabilitation

When chronic lung disease or illness, such as COPD, negatively affects your daily living, pulmonary rehabilitation can help you.


What is Pulmonary Rehabilitation?

We are one of a few practices to offer pulmonary rehabilitation, on land or in water. This program helps patients increase awareness of their lungs in regards to performing activity. Because of the increased shortness of breath, chronic lung disease can lead to general weakness, decreased balance and high risk of falls, and a decline in overall function.

Like cardiac rehabilitation, our pulmonary rehab services consist of individualized patient education, a customized therapeutic treatment plan with breathing strategies, exercise training and relaxation techniques, as well as a clear path of goals oriented to fit our patients’ individual needs.

Improve Your Lung Capacity With Aquatic Therapy

The pressure of the water acts as a mechanical barrier to ribcage expansion when breathing and with proper instruction you will get an amazing therapeutic training effect and increase your oxygen consumption.


How We’ve Helped Others Strengthen Their Lungs

I am a recent “Graduate”, I am a retired R.N.C., and have attended, (in the past) an alternate cardiac rehab program. I feel very confident and comfortable to offer my opinion that Julie Moon runs an excellent cardiac rehab program!

She and her staff are pleasant and knowledgeable, monitor the workouts closely, maintain records, and report regularly to the referring physician. I now feel comfortable and reassured as to my limits and potential – I also now understand the “Power of Breathing” and the benefits of stretching. Thank you Julie.

– Claire Weir

I am a heart transplant recipient. The therapy made me realize that exercising properly will make you recover faster and with success. The warm-ups and exercises that were given to me was something I looked forward to, but the best exercise was the pool therapy. It was totally full body and so relaxing afterwards. I have taken her principles of exercise to heart and will be using them in my daily life.

– Dennis C

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