Manual Therapy

Manual Physical Therapy is a very gentle, hands-on approach to restoring function and alleviating pain in the spine, joints, and muscular tissue.


The Benefits of Manual Therapy

Manual therapy helps patients get better results in a shorter period of time. The goal of manual therapy is to provide immediate pain relief, promote healing by reducing or eliminating soft tissue inflammation, increasing range of motion and facilitating movement. 

Manual therapy is effective in treating neck or back pain, any joint with limited mobility, muscle spasms or strains, post-surgical conditions, vertigo, jaw pain, and headaches. For those suffering from chronic muscle or joint pain, manual therapy offers an effective alternative pain medication or invasive surgery.

Typically a combination of manual therapy and guided exercises is most effective in improving muscle imbalances (reduce tight muscles in certain areas and strengthen weak muscles in others), reducing pain and preventing symptoms from recurring.

D.H. improves symptoms 95% in 6 sessions!

D.H. was referred to our clinic for constant severe neck and shoulder pain with radiating pain down the right arm and numbness / tingling in her finger.

Her first session consisted of a thorough evaluation, a few techniques to reduce symptoms, postural education and manual therapy to the neck and R upper extremity.

At her follow-up visit, D.H. was "amazed that the numbness in her hand and fingers were gone after the first session."  

Following 6 sessions consisting postural strengthening, stretching, pain management techniques and manual therapy, D.H was able to graduate with a 95% overall improvement from her symptoms, including being able to drive without right arm pain, sit at her computer without severe neck pain and grasp objects without fear of dropping them. 


How manual therapy has helped others relieve their pain

Coming to Moon Physical Therapy, I have learned to alter my physical workouts to include more stretching and to work on my core muscles to improve the pain in my back and to improve my overall health. Learning to stretch properly has been of great benefit to my overall therapy sessions.

– Alvin Lum

When I started PT, I was in constant pain in both hands and neck. After stretching and exercise, the pain in my hands was alleviated and I was able to return to work. Not being a limber person, my progress didn’t and still doesn’t seem significant to anyone but me, but I feel the difference. I still have minor pain in the hands due to arthritis, but everything is feeling so much better. A big Mahalo to everyone at Moon PT.

– David White

Prior to beginning a 3rd round of PT over the past few years due to a herniated disc, I didn’t think I would “get anything” out of going through PT again. I happily found out that I was wrong. I learned the importance of core muscle strength development and maintenance is to keeping symptom free and managing the pain to the injury. Even if it is a 20 to 45 minute workout every couple of days, the importance of developing and maintaining the core muscle groups is vital. I can happily say that Moon PT has successfully treated me and the combination of PT with massage has improved my quality of life and helped me to wean off the pain medication as well. Thank you Julie!

– Bill Patterson

With an MRI done, I was crushed by some bad news that I had a herniated disc. The diagnosis was not the worst part – it was the statement that my doctor had said, “I should not be lifting my 2 year old son.” That was crushing news. With that I began therapy with Julie and her staff. I did not know what to expect and thought “Let’s do this.”

On my first evaluation appointment with Julie, she taught me a couple of great stretches that hit the right spots. On my days off from PT, I took those stretches and did them at home. By the time I returned for my 1st actual therapy, I could do 80% of what was too much pain for me to do.

I continued with therapy and with quick results, I felt like a new pain-free patient. The stretches along with the routine Julie had for me really helped strengthen my core to be able to do normal daily duties.

But for me, more so, be able to carry my son whenever I want to. For that I am truly thankful and grateful that Julie and everyone on her staff had the knowledge and patience to help me reach my goal and now I am able to say “I can”. Thanks ladies.

– Arnold Domingo

I came to Julie with pain in my right and left hip joint. I was having pain when walking, standing, and sleeping. After several sessions of manipulation and stretching the pain was much less. I have doing daily stretches and strengthening exercise prescribed by Julie.

They help me feel better and help me deal with the stresses put on my body by pregnancy. I will continue to stretch and do the exercises as long as I can for the rest of my pregnancy because I believe it will make it easier for me and I will feel better.

– Jennifer Poepoe

Curled over and barely walking, a visit to my doctor was diagnosed as “pinch” nerve. The pain in my legs and lower back was a “10”. Help came quickly with PT by Julie Moon and staff. It was a very painful beginning.

By the third week, pain had subsided to almost nothing due to stretching, strengthening exercise with someone there to help, teach, and encourage me every step of the way. A one to one program with a combination of land and water therapy. The water exercise was exhilarating, enjoyable and pain free.

It’s not a cure, but I have learned to stretch and exercise properly so as not to feel pain again. I can honestly say that after 6 weeks, I can sit, stand, and walk tall. Thanks to the wonderful team who treats you like family.

– Edna H. Ito

I came to Moon Therapy on referral from Dr. Katsura. I was having pain in my calf (right side) and up to my butt area. Walking for an hour and going shopping was painful. Through the treatment from Julie – heat, stretching, strengthening exercises, and massage – the pain or condition is not gone but it is less and manageable. I can now do my favorite activity – shopping! My experience here has been very pleasant. Staff is great!

– Thelma Ho

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