Aquatic Therapy

Step into the warm water of our Hydroworx or Endless Pool and you will immediately experience the benefits of reduced pain, relief of tension and heaviness on the body. Not only will you reap the physical benefits of increased strength, range of motion, balance and function, you will feel refreshed and relaxed, as well as more self-confident as you accomplish goals faster than land-based therapy.

The Healing Power Of Water

The physical properties of water—hydrostatic pressure, viscosity, buoyancy, and heat—make aquatic therapy a powerful and valuable alternative to land-based therapy. Aquatic therapy promotes better posture, body awareness and balance. Hydrostatic pressure helps decrease swelling and stabilize unstable joints. Viscosity of the water adds resistance in all directions and enables you to work harder at higher intensity levels. Buoyancy decreases the effects of gravity, allowing for easier, safer and more comfortable movements. The warmth of the water increases circulation, reduces pain and leaves you both physically and mentally relaxed.

Aquatic therapy is for all ages with various diagnoses from joint pain, muscle spasms, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia and much more.

Click on the video player to see how Moon Physical Therapy was able to help Sandra with her Fibromyalgia pain.

Moon Physical Therapy’s Commercial

We are excited to share our newest commercial featuring Hawaii’s Only Hydroworx 350!

You don’t want to miss out on the most incredible form of therapy out there today where you will feel an immediate reduction in pressure and pain. Click on the video player to see how this hydrotherapy system can benefit you!

How aquatic therapy has helped others relieve their pain

After 7 months of recuperating from a fractured left ankle, my ankle was still bothering me. I was still unable to fully walk down stairs, difficulty walking and carrying things, weakness and tingling feeling in my left foot and toes.

My doctor recommended me to see Julie Moon. At first I was uncertain, especially with aqua therapy since I don’t know how to swim.

After my treatments, I’m now able to walk down stairs, no weakness and no tingling toes. I highly recommend Julie and her professional methods and especially a wonderful smile and laugh during each session. Thank you Julie!

– Corinne Nakamoto

Before coming to Moon Physical Therapy, my feet would always hurt. I used to hate walking for long periods of time and not being able to participate in P.E. I was diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis by Dr. Thompson who referred me to see Dr. Tsuchiya, the foot doctor. Dr. Tsuchiya referred me to Moon Physical Therapy for 8 sessions in the endless pool.

Miss Julie taught me several different stretches. At first it was hard, but as I worked at it, it became easier and easier. At my first session, I was at 1 minute of level 1, but at my last session I did level 5. 6 minutes flutter kick and level 5. 5 minutes bicycle. I beat Dr. Tsuchiya!!  I’m really glad I came here!!!

– Alyssa Guzman

I was very happy choosing Moon PT. Julie was very knowledgeable with my injury and use of the endless pool was a very big help to get me back on the court again. I had a partial tear to my Achilles tendon. The pool helped me get an early start on healing and strengthening my Achilles.

I was really surprised on how fast the pool treatment got my Achilles strong enough to start training in the free weight area. I had a friend who had a sports injury around the same time as me. She strained her calf.

The good thing about the pool is you get a workout without putting too much pressure on the injured area and the current of the endless pool gives you the right resistance to help stretch and strengthen the injured area. My friend went to some other PT and all they could do was ultrasound her injury and keep her from doing nothing until she was strong enough to do land workouts.

I highly recommend Moon PT to everyone with some kind of injury. Julie, much Mahalo.

– David Engleman

Before coming to physical therapy, I was in constant back and hip pain. After aqua therapy and regular physical therapy, I am now able to go through the day without a lot of pain and I now have more mobility. Physical therapy has helped me tremendously. I am satisfied with the results!

– Karen Sato

I suffered a knee injury at work which left me with minimal range of motion, locking of the joint, and pain. When my doctor referred me to PT, I did some research and discovered Moon Therapy offered therapy in a heated pool.

I began treatments in the water. The buoyancy of the water allowed me to complete the exercises without sudden muscle movements if I lost balance. As my strength and stability increased, we were able to provide gradual resistance through the “currents” of the pool. The warmth of the water also allowed me to move my joints easier and perform the exercise with minimal pain. (I tried same regimen in a non-heated pool and the result were not the same).

As my range of motion, stability, and strength continued to improve, I was finally able to move to land therapy. The sessions ended with ice and electrical stimulation to deal with the swelling. I am gradually returning to my active lifestyle thanks to Julie, her helpful staff, and combination of treatments. (Swelling and pain have decreased too) Mahalo!

– Lani Kiyota

When I first came to Moon Physical Therapy, I could barely walk. Julie analyzed me and suggested aqua therapy. As I followed Julie’s instruction I could feel my back improving.

As months went by my back seemed to do a lot better. No aches and pains when I woke up and I could actually bend over and touch my toes. As a result of Julie’s intense therapy, I was able to get back to work and get on with my everyday life.

– Brandon Toma

I experienced over 1 year of sciatica pain prior to aqua therapy at Moon Physical Therapy, LLC. I couldn’t walk very far or stand for long periods of time and also had difficulty sleeping, due to pain and numbness caused by a pinched nerve in my back.

The aqua therapy allowed me to strengthen my back and core muscles without applying pressure to my back like typical physical therapy. I felt stronger and less pain with each session. And the staff was very friendly and professional.

Now that I’ve completed my therapy, I’m able to do much more activities and hardly have any sciatica symptoms while hiking, walking, and playing tennis. I would highly recommend aqua therapy because it worked for me.

– Sylvia Cuyugan

This has been the most effective, painless, most fun physical therapy ever experienced.

The pool is perfect, very private, warm and inviting. Lastly – Julie is a great therapist, giving lots of personal attention, keeping accurate records and doing her job cheerfully.

Highly recommended to anyone in need of physical therapy. Mahalo to Julie and staff.

– Jane A. Lawton

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