Telehealth Physical Therapy Honolulu, Mililani & Kailua, HI

Telehealth Physical Therapy

When visits to our clinic may not be an option, we help people recover with at-home physical therapy that’s convenient and cost effective.

Heal At Home With Remote Physical Therapy!

1. It Works

Translating a hands-on approach to care into virtual sessions can be hard to understand at first, but we have seen great success. We have discovered that with open discussion, asking the right questions, functional movement tests, and guided, targeted stretches and exercises can yield excellent, almost comparable results to in-office care.

2. It’s Covered

Most insurance companies have recognized the importance of physical therapy telehealth and added it to their coverage. Please reach out to us with any questions about your insurance plan.

3. It’s Convenient

All you need is a smartphone, laptop, or tablet and you are ready to go! With telehealth physical therapy, getting assessed and treated by a licensed PT is more convenient than ever! Just call our clinic or submit your information on our website, let one of our front office coordinators figure out your insurance benefits, schedule an appointment, and then your therapist will email you a link to the meeting at your requested day and time.

Stay Connected, Stay On Track! If you are looking to improve your health, strength, and physical activity, look no further – we are here to help. Schedule an appointment at Moon Physical Therapy today and get started on your journey toward better health and wellness!