Heart Disease

Conditions involving narrowed or blocked blood vessels that may lead to raised blood pressure, chest pain, heart attack, stroke, or other heart conditions, such as those that affect your heart's muscle, valves or rhythm. Effects of heart disease include difficulty exercising, balance issues, poor endurance, decreased strength, and difficulty tolerating self-care activities or household tasks

Paul A. - Aortic Dissection - Moon Physical Therapy

Possible Treatment Options

Cardiopulmonary Rehab

We are one of a few practices to offer specialized cardiopulmonary rehabilitation services, helping you limit the effects of cardiovascular disease, control symptoms and reduce future risk.

Aquatic Therapy

The rewards of aquatic therapy are numerous from increased circulation, improved mobility and decrease pain. It has been proven to accelerate recovery time due to the weightlessness and warmth of the water.

Land-Based Therapy

Our land-based programs are designed specifically for each patient and their diagnosis to improve your posture, body mechanics, range of motion and functional strength.

Paul's Recovery from an Aortic Dissection

Paul suffered from an Aoritc Dissection, a tear in the inner layer of the large blood vessel branding off of the heart.  We were able to help his recovery through a comprehensive Cardiac Rehab Program.

Starting with aquatic therapy and eventually progressing to land-based therapy, Paul made great progress thanks to continual monitoring of his vitals during each session, and building his endurance and stamina over time.

How we've helped others relieve their heart disease related pain

"I had lost approximately eighty-five percent of my strength and ninety-five percent of my cardiovascular endurance following emergency heart surgery and nineteen days in intensive care. Even ten days after surgery, I had difficulty walking more than twenty feet or lifting more than a few pounds.

My cardiologist referred me to Moon Physical Therapy three months after I was released from the hospital. Although both my strength and endurance had improved by that time, I was still unable to lift or run at anywhere near my pre-surgery capacity. One of the major obstacles to any significant physical improvement on my own was my blood pressure needed to stay below a certain level.

My first physical therapy session was limited to four minutes on the recumbent bicycle machine for that very reason. However, Julie was able to develop an individualized program for me involving strengthening and cardiovascular exercises and aqua therapy. At the same time, she closely monitored my blood pressure to make certain we were working within my physician’s restrictions.

Needless to say, Julie’s knowledge and experience have been critical to my successful physical rehabilitation. Just as important are the professional, caring and responsive attitudes which she and Jan exhibited during each of my visits. Both women made it a privilege to have been referred to Moon Physical Therapy."

– Paul K.W. Au

Had heart attack and needed cardio rehab. Learned how to exercise and work out to strengthen my heart. I learned how to measure my pulse when I exercise. Very informative and gained a lot of knowledge to keep healthy and hopefully prevent myself of future heart attacks. Mahalo for your help.

– Wayland Chang

After going through bypass surgery, I realized I needed to start exercising to gain back my weight and strength, and to tone up my body. Through the recommendation of my cardiologist, I started rehabilitation two months after surgery.

Julie, the physical therapist helped me with stretching exercises, weight lifting, pedaling, rowing, and walking on the treadmill machine, literally working every muscle in my body. She constantly monitored my blood pressure and pulse reading.

As the weeks went by, I began to feel stronger with much more stamina doing the exercises. I am glad that I’ve undergone the rehabilitation program. Julie did a good job that helped me to recover. She was very conscientious and knowledgeable in her work. Today, I am feeling much better and am beginning to gain some weight.

– Richard Nozoe

I received two cardiac stents in April, 2011 and it has been downhill ever since. Month by month, I was getting weaker, losing weight and unable to perform simple daily tasks, like bathing or brushing teeth, without getting extremely exhausted, dizzy, and out of breath. My heart developed a chronic condition of irregularity, palpitations and racing. Eventually, I could no longer drive, mow the lawn or carry a 2-liter bottle of soda. Yes, I was a pitiful sight of a frail old man who could only sit and watch a dark and gloomy life go by.

Then one day, the sun peeked through the clouds as my heart specialist sent me to MOON THERAPY. Although I was always a skeptic about physical therapy, it was time to try anything as I was desperate for salvation.

From the moment I stepped into Moon Therapy, I was treated with kindness, respect and genuine care. Julie Moon and her staff went through great lengths to explain the therapy and assure my safety and welfare was tended to at all times by constantly monitoring my vital signs and progress. Ms. Moon was able to expertly develop a specific exercise plan tailored for my health situation.

After two sessions, I could definitely see and feel a difference in my physical strength and stamina. I was able to bathe, brush teeth, and carry that bottle of soda without getting exhausted. After six sessions, I was able to do some driving and shopping at the mall (without having to sit down every five minutes). I could even help my wife mow the lawn without my heart racing! After 10 sessions, I am now able to carry heavy items like a case of bottle water or 20# bag of rice and drive all day. My appetite is back and I have even gained some weight!

YES, my life is getting back to normal and the sun is shining bright through scattered clouds.

– Paul Kudo

I am a heart transplant recipient, to get myself in physical shape, my doctor recommended your (Moon PT) therapy clinic for this purpose. The evaluation processes to see how fit I was made me realize that I had a long hill to climb. Unbeknownst myself, I found out that I was Julie’s 1st heart transplant and wouldn’t be the last.

The therapy has made me realize that exercising properly will make you recover faster and with success. The warm ups and exercise that were given to me was something I looked forward to…but the best exercise was the pool therapy. It was totally full body and so relaxing afterwards.

I thank both Julie and Jan for a job well done. I am now going back to teaching and exercising in karate. I have taken her principles of exercise to heart and will be using them in my daily life. Many thanks.

– Dennis R. Cuizon

I am a recent “Graduate”, I am a retired R.N.C., and have attended, (in the past) an alternate cardiac rehab program. I feel very confident and comfortable to offer my opinion that Julie Moon runs an excellent cardiac rehab program!

She and her staff are pleasant and knowledgeable, monitor the workouts closely, maintain records, and report regularly to the referring physician. I now feel comfortable and reassured as to my limits and potential – I also now understand the “Power of Breathing” and the benefits of stretching. Thank you Julie.

– Claire Weir

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