Land-Based Therapy

Our land-based programs are designed specifically for each patient and their diagnosis to improve your posture, body mechanics, range of motion and functional strength.


What is Land-Based Therapy?

Land-based therapy is effective in treating headaches, vertigo / dizziness and pain in shouldersknees, spine, neck, wrists, hands, hip, ankles and feet.

Land-based therapy provides a reduction in pain through passive modalities such as heat / ice, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, cold laser and traction.

It also helps to increase in function with active exercises such as stretching, spine / joint stabilization activities, functional strengthening (activities that simulate daily activities) and endurance training.

Our individualized land-based programs help patients understand how proper posture and ergonomic principles can improve or eliminate symptoms and, most importantly, how to manage flare-ups and prevent pain from returning.

Jen recovers from dizziness after two sessions!

For months, Jen was miserable with dizziness and had difficulty caring for her young child. A doctor diagnosed her with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, had her perform some techniques at home, and said the dizziness would subside by itself in a few days.

She said she was pretty hopeless when she came to our facility. After the initial evaluation, symptoms suggested her dizziness was cervicogenic or related to the upper spine, specifically her C2 verterba, rather than the inner ear.

She was treated with manual therapy and educated on land-based stretches and self-mobilization techniques for home. After the second visit, Jen requested to be discharged from therapy because her symptoms resolved and she was able to return to her normal activities.

Land Based Therapy - Neck Treatment - Moon Physical Therapy

How land based therapy helped others relieve their pain

Curled over and barely walking, a visit to my doctor was diagnosed as “pinch” nerve. The pain in my legs and lower back was a “10”. Help came quickly with PT by Julie Moon and staff. It was a very painful beginning.

By the third week, pain had subsided to almost nothing due to stretching, strengthening exercise with someone there to help, teach, and encourage me every step of the way. A one to one program with a combination of land and water therapy. The water exercise was exhilarating, enjoyable and pain free.

It’s not a cure, but I have learned to stretch and exercise properly so as not to feel pain again. I can honestly say that after 6 weeks, I can sit, stand, and walk tall. Thanks to the wonderful team who treats you like family.

– Edna H. Ito

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