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My Name is Julie Moon and I am the proud founder of Moon Physical Therapy! I was born and raised in the small town of Wahiawa, Hawaii, and graduated from Leilehua High School. I ventured all the way to Denton, Texas, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology from Texas Woman’s University, then to American International College in Massachusetts for a second Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology and Master’s degree in Physical Therapy in 1999.

Upon returning home I fell in love Aquatics when I interned and then worked for Dr. Jan Prins of Prins Aquatherapy. I saw first-hand, the power of healing in the water, patients being able to increase strength and endurance without pain, reducing stress and anxiety, while building feelings of confidence and wellbeing.

In 2001, I opened a tiny clinic at Dole Cannery Shops in Iwilei with two friends called Hawaii Therapeutic Services, specializing in orthopedics and cardiopulmonary rehab. After discovering one of the partners embezzled funds, the company was dissolved, and although I was devastated and overwhelmed, I was determined to continue to treat patients and make a difference in the community.

Quality Care Therapy, dba Moon Physical Therapy, was launched in 2006 and with the help of a bank loan I moved to a larger location in Honolulu, on Ward Avenue and installed an Endless Pool to pursue my passion of Aquatic Therapy. Now years later, we have expanded to 3 locations offering Hawaii’s only state-of-the-art Hydroworx 350.

The strong sense of community that I was raised to believe in continues on in my life and is evident in our clinics. It is in the way we treat our patients. We want each per-son that walks through our doors to know that we are here for you in your moment of need. We consistently go above and beyond to deliver an amazing experience, which leads to faster recovery, better pain management, and greater patient satisfaction.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think this girl from Wahiawa would have the opportunity to help so many people. I am truly grateful and blessed to be able to share what I have learned with my team so that we can give hope and healing to others with our aquatic and land-based services at Moon Physical Therapy.


I can do all things through HIM who strengthens me. - Philippians 4:13

Julie Moon - Moon Physical Therapy

At Moon Physical Therapy, we believe that providing one-on-one patient care is extremely important for the recovery of all patients. Our mission is to work together to deliver excellence in physical therapy & patient education for you and your entire family. We dedicate ourselves to impacting the lives of others and providing a compassionate, personalized and exceptional patient experience in a healing and relaxing environment while featuring the latest technologies in land and aquatic treatments.

Our team of skilled professionals provides excellent one-on-one care to our patients. Evening, as well as weekend appointments are available. Our staff is fluent in Korean, Japanese, Ilocano, and Tagalog, which enables us to help serve our patients more efficiently and effectively.

The staff of Moon Physical Therapy is committed to providing the highest standard of rehabilitative services. In an age of escalating medical costs, overcrowded clinics, and declining personal service, we strive to provide a personal, genuine touch along with World-Class service and amenities while treating every patient like your part of our ohana.


How we've helped others relieve their pain

Manual Therapy Case Study - Shoulder - Moon Physical Therapy"Julie has done it again!  First, she fixed my knees last year.  Now she fixed the tingling and pains in my upper left arm. About seven months ago, I started getting tingling and pains in my left upper arm. Instead of it going away in time, the symptoms gradually got worse. 

Julie came to my rescue with treatments to loosen and stretch the muscles in my shoulder and upper back, which caused the pressure on the nerves. I learned from her the importance of good posture and how to fix poor sleep habits. She came up with the right exercises for me to continue after therapy was over. 

Now I don’t have the problems anymore!"

~ Elaine Wong

Sylvia Chang - Moon Physical Therapy"Amazing staff!!  

I had an auto accident in Sept. of 1992 and a second in April of 1995.  I had bad back pain in my lower back ever since.  Sleeping and turning while sleeping caused more pain. 

Then, praise God for Moon Physical Therapy!  I can turn in my sleep without pain! Yay!  I have less sleepless nights.  My pain levels have dropped.  Range of motion is much better than it’s been in years!  Thanks a bunch Julie and staff.  God Bless all of you now and always.

P.S. – the burning pain was gone from my first visit.  Has been gone ever since! "

~ Sylvia Chang

"On August 1, 2009, I had a right hip replacement at Queen’s Hospital.  After time, my hip and thigh would hurt and I was barely able to walk.  Dr. Mark Lum recommended that I go to Moon for physical therapy...

Julie Moon, owner and physical therapist, and her staff worked on me and together with many exercises, I found some relief after six weeks. I went back for another six weeks and now I am able to walk with no pain.

The work that Julie and her staff did for me is immeasurable.  If you have physical pains, I recommend going to Moon Physical Therapy for treatment without any reservation."

~ Raymond Lau

Before attending therapy, the pain and weight of my arms seemed unbearable. My doctor advised me to receive treatment for my weak arms. However, even after the procedure, my arms seem to weigh more, hurt more, and bruise more.

And so, I went to therapy conducted by Dr. Julie Moon and Dr. Kristie Tanaka. The two were excellent. They worked with great precision and dedication. Their help resulted in the steady return of the use and flexibility of my arms. My gratitude is beyond words. Thank you.

– Cindy Wuto

Growing up I always thought that I was clumsy since I kept falling. My ankles would twist for no apparent reason and I would fall onto my knees. As I grew older I tore my cartilage in my knee while playing tennis. Once again my ankle twisted while I was standing waiting for the ball.

I have had knee pain for such a long time that I was resigned to taking pain killers for the first time in my life. It wasn’t until I had sessions with Julie that I realized I don’t have to just live with the pain.

There are ways to relieve pain without medication. I learned that my muscles were so tense and I need to learn stretches to help the muscle flexibility. Julie then taught me exercise moves to strengthen my muscles where they were the weakest. Julie has made therapy fun and has increased my knowledge in caring for myself.

– Mary Ann Araki

I had come here with some negative thoughts wondering if I could be helped with therapy. For many years my lower back has caused me great pain; sleepless nights and now arthritis of the spine. To my surprise, therapy does work!!

It’s been a wonderful experience. It starts with a comfortable surrounding and the most pleasant, happy staff with a lot of care and empathy. Julie has done wonders for me. She gives you full and personal attention while going through the many exercises.

I now feel great—sleep better, getting off the bed, chair and car with ease. I’m able to do many things like chores and gardening and to stand tall. I have actually enjoyed myself here while getting gbetter with just twelve sessions.

– Edna H. Ito

Prior to seeing Julie, I went to a chiropractor. He cracked my spine and actually made the situation and pain worse. What surprised me was that she knew exactly what to do, and after the sessions, I instantly felt better.

I also didn’t realize there were quite different approaches to treatment of these injuries for chiropractor vs. therapists. The chiropractor seemed much less knowledgeable in regards to not only the injury, but to the overall health of my body. I highly recommend Julie she was the best form of treatment I’ve received yet.

– Thomas M

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis Feb. 2008. One of my symptoms was weakness in my legs. I was sent to a different therapist from the doctor but even after 1 month there was no change and I still couldn’t walk.

I then decided to come to Moon Physical Therapy after learning about the endless pool. When I came, Julie explained what my treatment would be like and taught me what I needed to know to fix myself.

Working out in the pool helped my balance and my legs that now I am able to walk without a cane or walker. I am very grateful to Julie because without her help I still wouldn’t be able to walk

– Sun

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