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We welcome you to learn more about the benefits of physical therapy, the types of physical therapy which are available, and how Moon Physical Therapy can work with you to create a life of health and well-being.  Click on an article below to read more.

Stepping Down Pain Free - Moon Physical Therapy - Featured Image

Stepping Down, Pain Free

June 1, 2018

If you find it difficult to walk downstairs, then learn about a better method for stepping down. Reduce pain and avoid injuries with this technique.

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How to Climb Stairs Pain Free - Moon Physical Therapy - Featured Image

How to Climb Stairs, Pain Free

April 1, 2018

Learn how to modify the way you climb stairs to keep the upward motion pain free. Follow this step-by-step (ha!) method to avoid potential injuries and strain.

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5 Healthy Valentines Day Ideas - Moon Physical Therapy - Featured Image

Five Healthy Valentine’s Day Ideas

February 1, 2018

If you’re trying to figure out how to spend a healthy Valentine’s Day with your special someone, then check out these five ideas on how to have a Valentine’s Day filled with healthy activities

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Stretch Away Your Stress - Moon Physical Therapy - Featured Image

Stretch Away Your Stress

December 1, 2017

Learn how stretching can alleviate stress and help improve your health. Plus, find out a great routine to help you make this a part of your daily life.

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Tighten your internal Belt - Moon Physical Therapy - Featured Image

Tighten your ‘Internal Belt’

October 1, 2017

Learn why your core strength can help with stability and improve your physical condition. Plus, discover an exercise routine to tighten your ‘internal belt’ and avoid injuries.

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Speed Healing with Aquatic Therapy - Moon Physical Therapy - Featured Image

Speed Healing with Aquatic Therapy

August 1, 2017

Learn how the beneficial effects of aquatic therapy can speed up the healing process for those recovering from surgical procedures.

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Moon Physical Therapy - Maximizing Mobility 3

Maximizing Mobility as We Age

June 1, 2017

Although we lose flexibility, strength and balance as we age, the good news therapeutic exercise can help improve mobility and function.

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The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy - 01 - Moon Physical Therapy

Manage Diabetes with Aquatic Therapy

April 1, 2017

Treating diabetes with a safety-conscious aquatic-based therapy program helps increase energy, and improve physical and psychological well-being.

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Strategies to Ease Morning Stiffness 2 - Moon Physical Therapy

Strategies to Ease Morning Stiffness

February 1, 2017

Use these strategies to help reduce morning stiffness and get rid of those aches and pains you feel when getting out of bed each day.

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